Technical rubber harvest

Rubber trees are now widely grown in Vietnam is called tricuspid rubber trees (scientific name laHevea brasiliensis). Rubber trees are native to Brazil in Latin America, has been introduced and planted in VN from the late 19th century. In 2010, rubber exports reached $ 2.4 billion in the third largest exporter of agricultural products.

Kỹ thuật thu hoạch mủ cao suI. INTRODUCTION

Rubber trees are now widely grown in Vietnam is called tricuspid rubber trees (scientific name laHevea brasiliensis). Rubber trees are native to Brazil in Latin America, has been introduced and planted in VN from the late 19th century. In 2010, rubber exports reached $ 2.4 billion in the third largest exporter of agricultural products.

Rubber trees are perennial, rubber care time from the beginning of time to start planting rubber harvest lasts from 5-7 years and harvested continuously for many years. As harvest time rubber should last for many years to correct latex harvesting techniques have important implications in ensuring sustainable and high performance for many years.

The harvest usually lasts latex continuous 8-10 months of the year rather than seasonally as other crops. To harvest latex, we take a razor thin crust on the trunk to pus out and catch the cup. Thus, we want to harvest latex wounds caused trees.


1. Standard rubber tapping into

Rubber trees are considered eligible to open the trunk scraping the surface within reach of 50 cm or more, measured 1 m above the ground. Should avoid shaving the tree is too small (less than 40 cm) for a start-up mirrors, tree growth slowed, trees grow slowly to yield long run.

Today, there are many varieties of fast growing rubber but the razor-thin crust so hard shave. Due to the thin crust shaving razor pham.Vi so vulnerable, a standard addition to consider is the tree scraped qualify as shell thickness of 6 mm. This standard also applies to skin regeneration.

2. Trees on the razor (the tree can shave a day)

Depending on the terrain, age and health of the tree scraped workers tapping. A normal healthy mouth can shave your back is 400-500 trees / day.

In the case of two oral shaved face and shaved heads, the number of trees in about 320-380 trees / day.

3. Equipment and supplies for tapping trees

Plants are equipped shaving supplies: Necklaces, cups, trays. Trough mouth closed below $ 10 cm tilt, tripod forced to mouth the money 25 cm - 35 cm, not close to the trunk rubber tripod.
Technical rubber harvest

Equipment and supplies for tapping trees

Inspired rubber cup made of clay, in the heart of the cup is coated with porcelain enamel latex cup for easy removal.

In the rainy season must be equipped with rain gutters sure the rubber tree.

4. Design mouth shaved

a) Height mouth shaved:

Mouth open mouth scraping new money tree measured 1.3 m above the ground.

b) The slope scraping mouth:

Depending on the age of trees, slope scraping mouth than horizontal axis is:

- New Plants shaving (shaving age 1-10): 340

- Trees middle-aged (age shave 11-17): 320

- Tree elderly (over 17 years old razor): 300

- Tree shaved face: 450

c) User mouth shaved:

Money Mouth opened simultaneously in the same direction plots.

d / Opening (open miles):

In April and October of a year, shaving more qualified tree scraped open his mouth. Early in the 3rd open razor shave rim all trees> 40 cm. Mouth mirrors the same height of the trees in the open before.

5. Open mouth mirrors.

After design, razor knife discharge mouth 3:

- Cowardly 1: Clean Standard.

- Cowardly 2: Vat wedge.

- Cowardly 3: Complete the mouth shave, shaving cheek pressed to a depth ranging from scraped from the

regulations, to avoid violating the open mouth shaved shaving.

The level of cover wear and scrape when opening your mouth for a maximum of 1.5 to 2.0 cm.

III. High mode

Common mode current is half way around the trunk shaved (S / 2), high rates may be d2 or d3. Do not apply color mode for all d1 shaving razor shells, trees were exhausted after several years of shaving, low productivity, low levels of latex. Recommend to apply the shaving d3 combined with topical irritant concentration of 2.5% for this mode causes less razor wound rubber, thus saving razor shells ensure the long-term productivity gain high efficiency.


1. Temporary tapping:

The opening of the mouth mirrors the garden was put into shaving was conducted in the months 3-4 (last season) and late October (after the rainy season).

Gardens are being exploited for shaving stay at new rubber tree leaves, (usually in January or February). Trees have been shaving the leaf layer is stable (in May 3-4).

2. Depth tapping

Regulations from 1.0 mm - 1.3 mm from floor object. Avoid dry shaving, shaving close, absolutely not shaving range.

3. The extent of wear particle - particle Mark amortization

For oral shaved heads, wear particle from 1.1 to 1.5 mm / shave. Hao skin shaved up to 16 cm / year for high tempo d3; 20 cm / year for a high rate d / 2.

For oral controlled shaved face, wear no more than 2 mm particle / shave. Hao shells up to 3 cm / month.

For oral shaved face out of control, loss less than 3 mm particle / shave. Hao shell maximum 4.5 cm / month.

Every year, before the start shaving, use hooks or razor knife casing wear marks, use the stamped mark on the skin scraping to control baseline levels of cover wear each month, quarter combined oral controlled slope scraping.


4. Standard line shaving

While standard high street right slope, with hollow, square money, square post, does not bias the mouth, do not pass line, not wavy.

5. Now tapping - Drain pus

a) tapping Time:

Details begin to see clearly the shaving razor. In the rainy season should not scrape the bark is wet. Must wait until the new drain shaving.


b) Drain the pus:

When the flow stops, the rubber latex pouring conduct, if it is pouring rain moved earlier to avoid latex latex leaching.

Tree before shaving before pouring. Use a latex suit in the cup full.

6. Tapping tools needed

- Razors pus.

- Sharpening stones (1 stone discharge, 1 stone mud).

- 1 basket of magazines and latex rubber cord.

- Equipment and supplies for tapping trees
Technical rubber harvest


Tapping tools needed

- 1 empty 15-liter tank.

- 1 box containing 25-30 liters.

- 1 latex suit.

- 1 grated peel.

- 1 pole.

- 1 tube ointment.

- 1 washcloth.

The instrument must be very clean, knife sharpening regularly.

7. Before and after work each tree tapping

Before shaving, to wire stripping latex, rubber cup, corrected tripod, tray, cup upside down on a tripod. Shaving is done, the cup up and led back into the cup and then pus through shaving plants.

Guide to shaving in the contiguous tree, after each change to the shaving razor.

After pouring latex rubber finish to put the cup to collect location pus tubers late, avoid pouring latex errors.


- Tapping is conducted regularly in accordance with the pace of d2 or d3 (not be confused with shaving d2 d3).

- Scrape off the tree, do not miss the tree.

- Regularly clean the shaving plants, cleaning tools, repair patch, ointment for wounds shaving range, apply the shaving disease prevention in the rainy season.

- When shaving stay full of pus complex, rubber land, collection tray, pet, cup upside down under a tree. Sweeping, leaf collection in between the trees.

- Absolutely no burning rubber dried leaves in the garden.


VI. Latex stimulation

Today, the use of stimulants is increasingly widely applied. After many years of using stimulants for plants that do not affect performance if used in accordance with the following recommendations:

The stimulants used for shaving garden d3, d4 and liquidated prepare garden replanting. Do not use stimulants for shaving garden d1 or d2.


1. Type and concentration of stimulant use

Latex chemical stimulation of the compounds used as ethephon (acid 2 - cloetyl phosphonic).

The concentration of the active ingredient is 2.5% used one for group I and II plants; 5% who for gardens and orchards group III artisanal shaving before disposal.

2. Temporary stimulation applied latex, applied time:

In East and Southern Highlands, topical irritants in May, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12. Apply before blow stimulant shaving next 24 hours - 48 hours. Do not apply when plants are wet or when raining. Absolutely not apply during the dry season, the season of defoliation.


3. The method applying latex stimulants:

Apply on skin regeneration (Pa: Panel application): After stirring stimulants, use a small brush to apply tape 1 cm wide, thin shells are on oral regeneration adjacent to shave. This method is applied to the shaved backs mouth.

The method does not apply the patch wire stripping latex layer (La: Lace application): After stirring stimulants, using small brush apply a thin layer of shaving are right on the mouth. This method is applied to the face and mouth.
Technical rubber harvest

The method applying latex stimulant


4. Tools topical stimulants

1 of 8 swimming palm width 0.8 cm.

1 box stating stimulant concentration.

5. Dosage, frequency of topical stimulants

Plants baring age 1-5, applied from 0.5 to 1 g / tree / Pa tracing method.

Plants baring age 6-10, applied from 0.75 to 1.5 g / tree / Pa tracing method. Trees on the 10-year-old shaving, applying from 1-2 g / tree / time method Pa, from 0.75 to 2 g / tree / time La manner.

Distance between 2 times by at least 3 weeks.

6. Standard trees are used stimulants

Apply stimulants for normal plant growth, good shaving technique. No topical stimulants for plant fungal disease caused topless pink, striped mouth ulcers infected plant capacity, plant leaves have fallen off due to blight the rainy season, dry mouth signs tree or trees too small scrape.


7. Standard garden latex stimulant use

If dry rubber content (DRC) of trees less than 25% did not use drugs.

If the proportion of total plant dry mouth scraping times higher than the previous inventory according to the following rules should not apply stimulants: In shaving 1-10:> 3% shaved 10 -20 year:> 10%.

8. Occupational Safety when using stimulants

Avoid sticky substance on the skin, eyes. In the case of sticky substance on the skin wash immediately with soap and warm water. If you stick to the right eye irritant immediately flush eyes with clean water several times.

After using containers to cancel stimulants, do not use it.

When applying shaving oral stimulants for high, protective glasses must bring medication to avoid falling into the eyes.


9. Preserving stimulants when not used

Stimulants should always be kept in cool, avoid direct sunlight. Compliance with the expiry date shown on the packaging.

VII. High tech cutlery IN MOUTH high horse

1. Knife and standing

- Right hand holding the knife and give the power to pull the razor. When raising or lowering the knife up to the hilt to adjust the thickness of the high protein. Apply the knife into the trunk or the trunk will spread out to adjust the depth of tapping.

- Left hand holding knife wave for balance.

- Stance: feet slightly apart a 900 angle is good for weight evenly distributed on both feet.

2. Get behind square

Place knife on a line behind the mouth about 2-3 cm, pushing back above the knife back to the line. Lower right hand to grab the knife down behind square.


3. Highest standards

After getting finished square post, shaving a standard stroke length 4-5 cm to the right place to ensure the long knives and wear particle depth tapping.


4. Actions scrape and move

It is the coordination between the arms and legs.

- When tapping cutlery definitely need to scrape off fresh layer of chips. Cheek against the bark regeneration knife above to make oral trough on shaving.

- Two feet behind ranks mouth, left foot forward. When shaving gradually shifted the focus on the right foot, then left foot steps back behind the ring on the right heel. This time the focus placed on the left foot, right foot next step and return to original position. Entering the constantly posture until finished shaving razor mouth.


5. Thu knife

When pre-shave to mouth, pressing slightly into the left hand while the right hand has the knife into the trunk pressure has increased back up to the gills knife (square money).


- Knives should always be sharpening.

- When finished shaving knife glanced at, washed and covered with hoods knife.

VIII. High Tech ORAL an UPS

1. Actions knife and standing

- Bottom right hand holding the knife, used to adjust the wear particle, depth and cut the power supply to push.

- The left hand side to hold back on the handles to adjust the balance.

- Location of 2 hands on the hilt depending on altitude and note avoiding shaving mouth lift right elbow too high fatigue-prone arms and shoulders.

- When you start shaving, standing in front of your mouth money, weight evenly distributed on both feet, two feet apart around 25-30 cm, the angle between 2 ≈ 900 foot, left foot placed slightly toward the trunk.


2. Get cash square

Set the blade at the mouth of money, the blade parallel to the mouth shaved, slightly lifting his right hand, gently press the knife to press square to cover the money.

3. Actions scrape and move

- After you press square money, lower right arm back down to the blade parallel to the oral shaving. Adjust the arm to cut a thick layer of crushed properly regulated (1.5 to 2.0 mm).

- Push the blade down to cut the peel from the bottom up shaving.

- While shaving, cheek guide to knife tilted an angle of about 100 with the regenerated shell, a knife should always lean on the bottom trough to maintain the depth and thickness of shavings. To achieve this, the legs need to move rhythmically with hand scraped to relatives who always level with knife.

- First put the focus on the legs, then the movement of the blade, slowly turning the focus to the left leg. To move the body, cross step right foot behind left foot, slowly put the focus from left foot to right foot. When you put the focus entirely on the right foot, left foot sideways range just started shaving as posture. So on moving until the knife reaches the oropharynx. When the move will keep the gap between humans and trees.

- In case of low scraping mouth, knelt slightly, lowering the body, the eyes always look inside the control trough to shave.


4. Thu knife (square rear grab)

When the knife back to the mouth, slightly raising his right hand and shook his knife to take the square outside the post.

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