Pest Control

Vina Crop Science is proud to be the company which supplies Pest Control Services in Vietnam. 
Over all, we deeply understand the problems that customers often face from harmful insects. 
Therefore, we give solutions to manage pest most reasonably, effectively, and safely.

We commit safe and effective treatment process which causes no harm to human beings, pets and 
surrounding environment. Chemicals & technical equipment all allowed to use by Ministry of 
Health and Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development.

Along with the professional team with valuable experiences and comprehensive knowledge about 
biological characteristics of every kind of pests, we will provide the most effective solutions for 
pest control.Also, we are aware of our responsibility and join hands with communities to establish 
value benefits to the community and environment.

Vina Crop Science provides Pest Control Services include:
- Termite Control Pre and Post Construction
- Rodent Control
- Pest Control


Vina Crop Science Joint Stock Company


Phone:       +84 (8) 39101985
Fax:           +84 (8) 39106042
Mr. Hải:     +84 (0)913703376
Mr. Anh:    +84 (0)909835499



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