Termite Control - Construction

Protecting buildings from termites’ penetration is also regulated in Construciton Standard TCXD 204 in 1998 and pursuant to Decision No. 221/1998/QĐ/BNN – XDCB issuded by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding estimate norms for checking and treating termites.

Besides, termites are present in most of buildings in Vietnam. Therefore, termites preventation pre-construction is highly necessary in order to save cost and take high effect. In this case, we can create barriers by digging trenches around the buildings, spraying floor, wall etc. with the aim to prevent termites from penetrating outside which cannot be implemented after construction.

Not only pre-construction termite control service, post-construction can also be infected by termite through 3 common ways:
- Penetrating from underground: termites in termitaries available underground penetrate into buildings through pathway connecting from termitaries to food sources.
Penetrating “by air”: Mature terminates grow wings and fly away from their termitary. Then couples of imagoes will become partners, creeping into slits, chinks, humid areas etc. to create their own new termitary.
- Penetrating through infection: termites penetrate into new areas when we move furniture with termite available such as table, chair, cabinet etc.

Let us help you solved issues caused by termite. With our profession staffs, we can meet all the requirements to serve you the best.


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